Assessment, Education, Action
Keeping Gauchos Healthy Since 1985

Location: Rec Cen Room 1502
Hours: Monday - Thursday 3-5pm (Week 2 - Week 9 each Academic Quarter)

New Add Wellness Institute


The Wellness & Fitness Institute is a human performance lab designed to provide education, experience and personal health/fitness assessment. Utilizing various assessment tools, Wellness Institute staff will guide participants through a series of tests and measurements to determine an individual’s fitness level and personal well-being. Upon completion of assessments, students will be referred to classes, programs or experienced health/fitness professionals in an effort to further personal growth and well-being. The institute also serves as a training ground for students participating in the Department of Exercise and Sport Studies’ certificate programs.

Every UCSB Student is given one free comprehensive fitness and health consultation per academic year. Students may come in for a walk-in consultation at any time during normal operating hours.