Badminton can trace its history back to British India around the 18th century as a game that used to be quite a popular variation of battledore and shuttlecock played by British soldiers, expatriates and their families. The sport launched into what we better know it as today, in the late 1800’s back in England. Badminton is a racket sport played by either two opposing players in a match of singles or by 2 opposing pairs in a match of doubles. Equipment in addition to the racket is the shuttlecock or birdie, which players strike back and forth over a net.

Open Structure Badminton is offered every Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters through the Rec Sports Office.

  • Equipment - Non-Marking shoes, Racket (Rackets can be rented from the Equipment Room in the Recreation Center for $0.50)
  • Cost - $15 Singles
  • Location - Rob Gym



Please check in the Rec Sports Office for quarterly times, league information and sign-ups.


Intramural Badminton Rules