Indoor soccer is a fast-paced, action-packed alternative to its outdoor counterpart.  Played in a smaller space with a special ball that resembles a giant tennis ball, this up-tempo version of the world’s most popular game is a variation of futsal, a South American sport.  Do not be fooled into thinking that a smaller playing surface translates into a less physically demanding game, as many experienced fútballers feel that indoor soccer is more tiring than outdoor soccer.  Players can choose from Men’s or Coed leagues, both of which are offered at intermediate and advanced levels to allow for any willing participant to enjoy indoor soccer, regardless of prior playing experience.  Game-play in Men’s leagues consists of 6 players to a side, while Coed leagues are 7-a-side.  Games are played in either the MAC Gym, or in Rob Gymnasium.  For a $50 fee, players can create their own team with a creative team name such as Flying Frijoles, or the Mysterious Dwarves.  Indy teams are also offered for no charge.  Whether you are an experienced soccer star looking for the change of pace that Indoor Soccer offers, or just taking interest in the sport and looking to try something new, get out on the court, get some exercise, meet new friends, and score some goals!

Indoor Soccer is offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters through the Recreational Sports Office.

Equipment - Flat Non-Marking shoes (NO CLEATS!). Balls are provided by Rec Sports Staff
Cost - $50 (NS - $90)
Location - Multi Activity Court (MAC) / Robertson Gy