Water polo finds its origins relating to land based team sports of hockey with the “power play” notion, team handball and of course conceptually relates to variations of land polo, mounted and otherwise. Water Polo is a very rigorous sport that is incredibly physically demanding to athletes as some key skills such as treading water and a keen aquatic awareness is typically favored. Inner-Tube Water Polo is a sport that plays very similar to traditional water polo except that all players other than the goalie must remain inside an inner-tube during play. This makes for a less rigorous game with more limited contact as players do not have to tread water allowing for a more recreational experience for more casual players to enjoy the sport.

Inner-Tube Water Polo is offered Fall and Spring Quarters through the Recreational Sports Office

  • Equipment - Swimsuit (inner-Tubes are provided and towels can be rented from the equipment room in the recreation center for $0.50
  • Cost - $50
  • Location - Rec Center Pool


Email: ucsbimpolo@gmail.com

Please check in the Rec Sports Office for quarterly times, league information and sign-ups.


Intramural Inner Tube Water Polo

water polo inner tube