Intramural Outdoor Soccer



The world’s most popular sport is also the most popular Intramural Sport on campus!  The passion and enthusiasm displayed by the Gaucho Locos at UCSB’s men’s soccer games translates into intense competition at Rob Field where Intramural athletes display their own fancy footwork.  Soccer is offered every Fall, Winter, and Spring, but with more than 800 participants every quarter, students would be smart to sign up as early as possible.  Fútballers can choose from Men’s or Coed leagues, both of which are offered at intermediate and advanced levels to allow for any willing participant to enjoy The Beautiful Game, regardless of prior playing experience.  Game-play in Men’s leagues consists of 8 players to a side, while Coed leagues are 9-a-side.  For a $50 fee, players can create their own team with a creative team name such as Bayern Neverlosen, or the Flatulent Squirrels.  Indy teams are also offered for no charge.  Games are played on the well manicured all-weather turf of Rob Field, located outside the Rec Cen.  Soccer’s power to bring people and cultures together is well-documented during World Cup years, but this phenomenon happens every day during Intramural Outdoor Soccer.  Whether you are an experienced player looking to get your competitive juices flowing, or a beginner looking to get some exercise and meet new people, go lace up your boots and get out on the pitch! 

Outdoor Soccer is offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters through the Recreational Sports Office.

  • Sport - Outdoor Soccer
  • Equipment - Soccer cleats or flats, ball (Balls can be rented from the Equipment Room in the Recreation Center for free)
  • Cost - $50
  • Location - Rob Field