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We are currently not offering any DPP cohorts. 

The Diabetes Prevention Program is a complimentary one-year lifestyle change program designed for non-diabetic individuals ages 18 and older who have prediabetes or are at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. The program utilizes a CDC-approved curriculum, trained lifestyle coaches, and group support over the course of a year. These 24 classes will provide education, encouragement, and the necessary tools to help reach your health goals.

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The program includes:

  • One-hour sessions led by a trained lifestyle coach
  • Techniques to manage stress
  • Helpful nutrition information
  • Tips to increase physical activity and stay motivated
  • Problem solving strategies for overcoming lifestyle challenges/changes


The program is free for UC Santa Barbara Faculty and Staff!

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Eligibility to Participate 


Eligibility requirements include:

  • > 18 years of age
  • BMI > 25; or Asian individuals BMI > 23

And one or more of the following:

  • A prediabetes assessment score > or = to 5 according to the Risk Test 
  • Blood test with prediabetes diagnosis
  • Past diagnosis of gestational diabetes
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