--We encourage all parents to use our online registration option.
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If you cannot register online, you may download the mail-in application located in the "downloads" section in the right column.

Registration will close on the Thursday before each session. We will not be able to accommodate registrations after that point.

  • Drop-off is 8:15am-9:00am
    • During the morning drop-off period, each child will need to start their day by checking in with their Counselors. Children will be assigned to a sub-group in their main age group (i.e., Lowers, Inters, Uppers). Once children have successfully checked in, there will be mini games and activities for them to participate in before the start of camp. 
  • Activities run 9am-3:45pm
    • From 9:00am - 12:15pm, campers will embark on their morning activities! From 12:15pm - 1:00pm campers will return to the main field for lunch. Your children are more than welcome to eat lunch with their siblings or friends in other groups as long as they let their counselor know beforehand. 
    • After lunch, campers will be taken on their final activities for the day. Our Upper and Inter Groups will be taken to Pool Time directly after lunch, while Lowers will go to pool time after an hour of activities. We intentionally separate these groups pool time for the overall safety and organization of our campers and program. At 3:45pm, all campers will finish their last set of activities and make their way to the main field for pick-up starting at 4:00pm. 
  • Pick-up is 4:00pm-4:45pm
    • As campers make their way back to the main field, they will have to opportunity to play additional games and activities before they are picked up. Parents please have IDs ready during pick-up, as our Counselors are required to 

See sample schedules in the "Downloads" section.

Swim Lessons are not included in the camp tuition. The UCSB Recreation Department offers lessons which must be purchased separately. Summer 2022 Swim Lessons will go on sale in April.

Counselors are available to walk children to 4:30pm lessons only. Parents must transport campers to and from lessons at all other times.
Parents must pick-up 4:30pm lesson participants at the Rec Cen no later than 4:50pm. 

We are fortunate to be able to utilize the UCSB Recreation Center pools for our swim time. There are two separate pools ranging in depth from 1ft to 17ft. The smaller of the pools is 1ft to 3.5ft "splash" area.

All children must pass a lifeguard administered swim test in order to swim in "deep" (over 3.5ft) areas of the pools. Upon successful completion of the test the child will receive a brightly colored wrist band. This wrist band must be worn at all times while swimming in the deep areas of the pool. The wrist bands provide the lifeguards with an immediate visual reference to a child's minimum swimming ability.

Children who do not pass the swim test can repeat the test daily if desired. The swim test is not mandatory and campers must self initiate taking the test when they are ready.

Many young campers are happy to stay in the "shallow" (3.5ft and under) areas of the pool week after week. The shallow area is quite large and provides tons of splashing fun for our non-swimmers.

The Summer Day Camp is headquartered at the field adjacent to parking lot 30 on Stadium Rd of the UCSB Campus. This field is right next to the Baseball Stadium. If you need to pick up your child at a time other than the 4pm-5:15pm scheduled pick-up you will need to refer to the weekly schedule. Schedules can be obtained at the camp office at the beginning of each session. Please note that you will need to know which group your child has been placed in.

We have arranged with campus parking services to allow for free 30-minute parking in the 6 spaces located directly in front of the camp gate in parking lot 30. If you already have a UCSB parking pass please choose a different space to park in so that those without can take advantage of this offer. If you plan on parking for longer than 30 minutes or in a different parking lot you will need to purchase a pass from the automated machines in the parking lot. Plan on visiting campus often this summer? You can buy a month long visitor pass from Parking Services, their office is also in lot 30 just down from the camp field. Visit the Transportation & Parking Services website for more info.

We try to accommodate group changes as much as possible. Due to staff/camper ratios this is not always possible.

If your child is sick we ask that you keep him / her home for the day to allow time for rest and healing. If the child has tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed  please follow current Campus guidelines. If you child has an injury that will keep him / her from participating in some activities, please talk to their counselor or send a note along with the child to inform the counselor about the nature of the injury. For example, if your child has an ear infection, he / she will be kept out of the pool.

UCSB Summer Day Camp is an activity/sports camp so children should dress accordingly. This means athletic shoes and comfortable clothing in which they can participate in a wide variety of activities. Please generously apply sunscreen on your child before they arrive at camp.

Each child should bring the following items to camp daily:

  • Lunch
  • A morning snack
  • An afternoon snack
  • Bathing suit & towel
  • Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • And a backpack to carry everything in

Bring a jacket as well, since foggy mornings at UCSB can be very cold. Make sure that all of your child's belongings are marked with his/her name. Cell phones are NOT to be used during camp except for in an emergency or to speak to parents/guardians. We would prefer children do not bring any electronic devices but understand the security a cell phone may provide. If this is the case, please advise your child before attending camp of our cell phone policy. The summer camp “Lost & Found” is located at the Day Camp field.

The UCSB Summer Day Camp prides itself in being an action packed program. Allowing children to continually sit out of activities is not allowed. Of course exceptions can be made in the case of injury or illness but parents will be informed if the request to not participate becomes an issue for counselors. Talent Show participation is voluntary. Non-participants are simply audience members during performances.

A counselor will walk the "combo" campers down to Campus Point using a predetermined route and confirm that the children have been checked-in with the Surf & Kayak Camp. The walk to the beach takes about 20 minutes. These campers are to be picked up at the Surf & Kayak Camp no later than 5:15pm.

Absolutely. Parents/Guardians are welcome to observe camp activities at any time. We ask that you introduce yourself to the counselors so that we know who you are. 

No. We do not have any funding for scholarships. We do accept payment from County or State welfare programs for those who qualify.

Contact the Santa Barbara Children's Resource and Referral Program for more info (805) 963-6631. We do not determine program eligibility.

We do not pro-rate days or weeks. Registration is based on the full week regardless of how many hours your child attends.

Yes. Please make necessary arrangements thru your school. Please see the Jr Counselor program for specifics.

We do not have a formal CIT program. A 14 year old camper can "help" younger campers during some activities but camp tuition is not waived. They still must be formally registered in camp. Campers interested in becoming CITs must communicate with camp director Ray Robitaille once camp is in session.

We do not hire counselors under the age of 18. However, high school students (including entering Freshman year) can apply to be a Junior Counselor and fulfill "Community Service hours" at our camp. The student (not the parent) should fill out the application. Find the application about more information about the Junior Counselor program here.

We do not provide food. We do have water jugs available for refilling of water bottles. Campers should bring a lunch, two snacks and beverage to camp. A refillable water bottle is recommended as well.

We understand that problems and disruptions sometimes occur during a parent's day that can throw off schedules. However, in order to compensate our counselors for having to stay late, we assess a $10.00/quarter hour childcare fee for children picked up after 5:30pm. This amount is due upon late pick- up. (NOTE - Emergency Procedure: If a designated adult fails to arrive by 6:30pm, the child will be taken to the Campus Police Station for pick-up.) 

For registration questions before/during or after summer, email camps@recreation.ucsb.edu

To speak to onsite camp staff during camp call (805) 893-4821.