Do you prioritize your health and well-being, but struggle to stick to a nutrition plan? Are you unsure where to start in the maze of nutrition facts and offerings you encounter online and at the store? 

In a world flooded with disinformation and diet industry jargon, it’s no wonder most of us are left scratching our heads as to what, why, how, and even when we should eat to lead truly healthy and joyfully fueled lives. UCSB’s Department of Recreation has partnered with Avery Cobb, RDN to provide classes and comprehensive consultations for members of our community seeking nutritional advice. Avery’s goal is to help you find your inner compass to navigate the maze of nutrition. Our classes and bundled appointments are paced by your individualized needs, goals, and schedule.

Nutritional Counseling Bundles

  Nutrition Bundle of 3: 1 Consultation session @ 1 Hour, 2 follow-ups @1/2 hr Nutrition Bundle of 6: 1 Consultation session @ 1 Hour, 5 follow-ups @1/2 hr
UCSB Student, Staff & Faculty $245.00 $440.00


Additional Services 

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Individual or Group Nutrition Counseling
  • Group Education and Workshops
  • Meal Planning
  • Cooking and Food Preparation Demonstrations
  • Navigating Nutrition Classes 
  • Grocery Shopping Help 


Navigating Nutrition: Register for an all-inclusive 4-week nutrition workshop where you’ll be: Guided to reconnect to your body’s inner wisdom through Intuitive Eating principles & mindful practices Taught evidence-based practices for optimal eating, why popular diets may or may not support your goals, and how to use your inner wisdom as a compass to guide healthy nutrition choices Supported with individualized meal planning/budgeting to fuel your life & goals. Taken on a BONUS in-person grocery store/market tour!

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To sign up for private virtual nutrition consulting, please email