Avery Cobb, RDN

Avery Cobb, RDN

Avery Cobb is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 10+ years of experience in her field. With an expansive background working in areas including clinical nutrition, athletic nutrition, women’s health, public health, general health coaching, and disordered eating, she knows that sustainable health and wellness practices center around creating ease and flow in life.

All too often misaligned health goals/ideals result in stress, overwhelm, confusion, and even isolation. To challenge these concerns, Avery facilitates an inclusive, food-positive approach to nourishment that encompasses all elements of well-being (spiritual, cultural, mental, relational, financial, etc.) with the awareness that how & why we eat is equally as impactful to our physical health as what we eat.

Your work with Avery will include identifying your Wellness Vision and setting supportive goals, meal planning, nutrition education, and compassionate accountability – she can’t wait to accompany you as you take the next steps towards your wellness goals!

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