Our Purpose: UCSB Adventure Climbing Center seeks to enhance campus and community life by providing educational and recreational experiences which promote responsible climbing behavior, safety awareness, physical and mental strength, and teamwork in a supportive environment with an acceptable level of risk.

Who can use the facility? Virtually anyone can use Adventure Climbing Center. If you can enter the Recreation Center with a membership, UCSB Access, or day-use pass, you can climb at no additional charge.

What do you have to do to climb/ How does this work?

  1. Thoroughly read the ACC Rules and Risk Management guidelines.
  2. Thoroughly read and sign the Waiver.
  3. Thoroughly Read and fill out a Climber Agreement with signature.
  4. Enter your information in the computer.
  5. Sign in on the sign in sheet and notify a staff member if you want to boulder or top rope. You will be given a climbing card accordingly in exchange for an ID card.
  6. You must pass a belay check before you can belay someone on top rope or use the auto-belays. Belay check info is below.

Do I have to sign the forms every time? No. We keep all of your paper work and information on file.

What is the check-in process? Once your information is entered into our computer, we only need you to give your photo ID in exchange for a belay or climber-only tag. This tag must be visibly worn at all times.

How much does it cost? There is no additional cost to use the Adventure Climbing Center. The only use fee is the Recreation Center day use pass or membership. Current UCSB Students are automatically Rec Cen Members.

What are the hours? The Adventure Climbing Center opens at 11:30 am and closes one half hour before the Recreation Center; 10:30 pm Monday-Thursday, 8:30 pm Friday-Saturday, and 9:30 pm Sundays during Fall, Winter, & Spring quarters. Summer quarter we close at 9:30pm Monday-Friday and 8:30pm on Saturday-Sunday.

What about kids? We currently have no minimum age limit. Please check Rec Cen Policy at the entrance for which days & times minors are allowed to enter the Rec Cen. Please arrange adult supervision at all times for anyone under 16. Minors 16 to 18 may climb alone after a signed waiver is on file.

Who can sign a waiver for my kids? For ANYONE under 18, a waiver can only be signed by a parent or court appointed legal guardian. An adult "in charge" or given "summer guardianship" may NOT sign the waiver. We will be happy to e-mail or fax a waiver and have it faxed back to (805) 893-7054.

Do you rent shoes/ harnesses? Shoes and harnesses are $5 each or you may rent them together for $8.

Do you sell chalk/ chalk bags? Chalk balls are $5. Chalk bags are $10-$15. Buying them together costs $19.

What type of climbing is available? The Adventure Climbing Center has a designated bouldering area, top rope, and 7 auto-belay stations. The 9-meter tall main wall offers two crack features, a belay ledge, and sport-lead climbing. The 4-meter tall bouldering wall features a third crack.

What shoes should I wear? Climbing shoes are best and can be rented, but a tightly laced athletic type shoe will work for the easier routes.

What do I need to do to pass a belay check? You MUST PASS ALL of the minimum criteria without assistance of any kind. If you practice the day of the test, you are only eligible for a day pass. Minimum criteria:

  1. Harness worn securely and doubled backed
  2. Figure 8 follow through knot tied through waist and leg loops on harness
  3. Minimum of 6" tail on figure 8 follow through, backup knot is optional
  4. Belay carabiner locked and properly checked
  5. Belay device properly set and used
  6. Proper communication before climber leaves the ground
  7. Belaying without compromising the break hand
  8. Switching between belaying and lowering without compromising the brake hand
  9. When lowering, break hand must not go above 3 o'clock or 90 deg. position

If I pass the belay check, how long is it good for? Belay check status is good for one year from the day of your test. You must re-test at least once a year.

No Pass – Depending on the nature of the area for improvement, you may be offered a temporary day use belay card. You will need to test again the next time you come in. You may only take a belay test one time per day.

Can I still climb/top rope if my friend gets belay checked but I am not? Yes, if your friend is belay checked and you are not, you are allowed to climb on a top rope, but are still not permitted to belay or use the auto-belays. We also offer staff belays on selected days, where staff are available to belay you for free. See the Climbing Center desk for more information.

Is there a time limit to how long you can climb? There is no time limit on how long you can climb. As long as the ACC is open, you are welcome to climb here.

Do you offer any instruction? We offer regular belay clinics and climbing programs every week. More information and a schedule can be found at the climbing center or at 893-3737. We also send information to our members registered in the database with a proper e-mail address.

What about Groups or Birthday Parties? Groups can reserve a time to use the auto-belays under the supervision of our trained staff. Cost is $20/climber (min. $200) for a 2-hour adventure. Cost includes: entrance fees, harness rental, auto-belay use, instruction, and staff supervision. We offer discounts for UCSB Students and Non-Profit groups. For more information and to schedule your adventure, call us at (805) 893-3737.

How tall is the wall? The main wall is 9 meters tall, which is about 30 feet. The bouldering wall is 4 meters.

How are routes designated? Our staff set routes by colored holds on the main wall and colored tape on the bouldering wall and main wall traverses.

How do I get more info? Call (805) 893-3737, or email us at adventure@essr.ucsb.edu.

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