(Updated December 2014)

Risk Management Rules

  • Climbing is Dangerous! It is every climber's responsibility to manage the risk of using this facility.
  • You assume all risk and responsibility for being in or using the climbing facility.
  • Running, horseplay, reckless climbing, etc is not allowed at any time.
  • Watch where you walk or position yourself. Stay clear of potential falling or swinging climbers, unless you are actively spotting. If you are climbing and think you may swing or fall into another person, politely ask them to move. Do not walk between belayers and the wall.
  • Do not climb on top of or above the height of any wall.
  • Any unsafe condition, equipment damage, or personal injury must be reported to climbing center staff immediately.
  • Artificial handholds regularly break and/or “spin” leading to a potential fall. Please be prepared and have a spotter. Belayers may consider wearing a helmet (ask staff to borrow one). Report any hold damage or spin immediately.
  • Climbing shoes/athletic shoes are required to climb.  NO boots/lug-soles, open toe-shoes OR bare feet.
  • You may not be in the climbing center if you have received any medical treatment or are using any medication that could impair your alertness or coordination.

Facility Procedure

  • Anyone in the climbing area must first check in (and out) at the desk and have a signed agreement and waiver on file. This includes "observers."
  • Belayers/Climbers must visibly wear the appropriate belay/climber card somewhere on their person.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service and suspend the privilege of using or being in the facility to anyone. This includes failure to comply with the facility rules or for any conduct that the staff determines to be improper or contrary to the best interests of other users.
  • All minors must have a waiver signed by their parent or court-appointed legal guardian. No one else may sign.
  • If you appear to be under 20, please be prepared to show proof of age.
  • Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Facility Rules

  • NO LOOSE CHALK or blocks. Chalk balls/contained chalk only. Please keep in a bag at all times.
  • NO glass containers, FOOD, GUM, candy, or drink other than unflavored/unsweetened water is allowed.
  • DO NOT LEAVE BACKPACKS, BAGS, OR SKATEBOARDS in the climbing center. Day use lockers are located along the side of the roller hockey floor.
  • Climbers must wear shirts and shoes at all times. We cannot sanitize the auto belay webbing or the rubber floor.
  • Any damages to the climbing center property or equipment will be paid for by the person who caused the damage.
  • Holds may not be changed or tightened by patrons. If a hold is loose, please inform a staff member.
  • No smoking, drugs, or alcohol use.
  • Climbing center users may not participate in any solicitation. Outside materials may not be posted without permission of Program Director.
  • Books, magazines, DVDs, etc. are for your enjoyment within the climbing center. If any are removed, we will lose the privilege for everyone.
  • If you are reminded of any rule, you will be asked to re-read rules and sign a new waiver and agreement.
  • Facility rules may be changed, amended, or deleted by Program Director at any time. Please review rules each visit.

Bouldering Rules

  • Bouldering is responsible for the most common injury in climbing gyms… sprained ankles.
  • Do not move or re-position the crash pads. Locate and be conscious of where the pads end; this is a common area for ankle sprains. If a gap is present between pads, please inform staff.
  • Bouldering is allowed with your head no higher than the red line on the high wall (top of 3rd panel).
  • Do not place fingers in metal bolt hangers. This could severely injure your finger!
  • Top Rope, Lead, or Auto-Belay climbing has priority over bouldering.
  • DO NOT CLIMB UNDER OTHER CLIMBERS, even those on top rope!!
  • Climber is responsible for ensuring they have a proper spotter when necessary. This includes leading to first clip.


High Wall Rules

  • Belayers must first pass our belay check. Testing days/times vary. Ask the staff.
  • Auto-Belay stations can only be used by patrons who have passed the belay test and be wearing the appropriate belay tag.
  • Lead Climbing requires an additional test. These are given by appointment. You must bring your own rope.
  • You must belay with an approved belay device. No Münter hitches, auto-locking devices (Gri Gri/Trango Cinch), eight plates, or micro plates.
  • Belayers must be attentive and standing at all times.
  • Climbers must tie in directly to their harness with a figure-eight follow-through knot with at least 6 inches of tail.
  • Remove all rings and do not place fingers in metal bolt hangers. You could severely injure your finger!
  • Do not climb off route. This could result in a dangerous pendulum. Climb and stay under the anchor.
  • You must USE HAND JAMMIES to use face crack above red line. They can be borrowed at the ACC Desk.
  • Climbers and belayers must use a UIAA/CE approved climbing harness. Use of the harness must be according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Use a floor anchor when needed, especially if a belayer is lighter than the climber.
  • Climbers may not be belayed directly from floor anchor.
  • YOU CAN LOSE BELAY PRIVILEGES for any dangerous belay technique or behavior.
  • Loose clothing should not cover the harness or buckles, should not be allowed to get caught in a belay device.
  • Long hair should be tied back if it could get caught in a belay device.
  • YOU MAY NOT TEACH anyone to belay regardless of your ability. Any safety related instruction must be performed by a certified climbing center instructor.

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