Climbing For Fitness is a quarter-long program offered to teach and expand climbing abilities of all levels. Discover how climbing is a fun activity that can also be implemented into a workout. The class will meet once a week to to build forearm, bicep, back, abdominal, and leg strength and learn why experts recommend climbing as a way to target multiple muscle groups at the same time.

This program is designed for those wanting an alternative, full body workout, or simply looking to gain strength and endurance for rock climbing. Participants will partake in full-body climbing workouts that teach climbing techniques and effective training methods, while building both the muscles and mentality necessary for strong, confident climbing.

An Adventure Climbing Center Waiver will need to be signed before using the climbing facility. This waiver can be filled out at the Adventure Climbing Center.

Climbing harnesses and climbing shoes will be provided to participants.

You can find this quarter's schedule onlineĀ here, or in the quarterly DiRECtory.

For more information, please contact Mason Bouchet atĀ