UCSB Adventure Programs offers two Self-Rescue Clinics to teach you how to be prepared for the dangers and challenges that can occur while in the outdoors.

Self Rescue I:
This 3-hour clinic will prepare you for unexpected mishaps that can happen on the rock. As a participant, you will learn knots and techniques necessary to secure your partner to the rock. You will learn how to stay safe while escaping standard belays that are typical of top rope and lead climbing.

The fee includes instruction, climbing equipment, and climbing shoes.

There is a maximum enrollment of six participants for this class; all participants must pass an ACC Belay Check before they sign up.

Self Rescue II:
This course is designed as a refresher and follow-up to the skills learned in Self Rescue I. Participants should come having some working knowledge of top rope climbing systems, equipment, friction hitches, and bight knots. Participants will learn basic top-belay rescues and hauling systems that will apply to most lead climbing scenarios.

The class will be held at a climbing site in the Santa Barbara area. The instructor will notify participants of the meeting time and place beforehand. UCSB Adventure Programs does not offer transportation; therefore carpool is recommended.

Sign up online, register at the Cashier's Office, or reserve your spot at the Adventure Climbing Center desk. If you have any questions, please contact us at (805) 893-3737 orĀ adventure@essr.ucsb.edu.

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