Imagine gallons of water being poured over your head. Now imagine that happening 65 feet off the ground! Canyoneering is an experience unlike anything else; it combines hiking, rock hopping, rappelling, and swimming in an exhilarating trek through a canyon. A typical canyon outing involves hiking into a canyon and entering the watercourse. When you reach a drop that is either too difficult or dangerous to hike or climb, you connect to a rope and lower down.

The San Gabriel Mountains offer the best canyoneering in Southern California and the most fun canyons for beginners. This is an overnight trip, leaving on Saturday morning and returning Sunday evening. Dinner and breakfast will be provided, as well as all technical canyoneering equipment. You will run a canyon each day. Canyons are formed by water, so plan to get wet!

Prerequisite: hiking experience, good physical condition

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