Our Massage Therapy Program is currently not available. 

Massage therapy offers a host of positive benefits for your mental and physical well-being. In addition to carving time out to pamper yourself, massage promotes stress relief, better posture, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, headache relief, improved flexibility, and enhanced range of motion. If you are not sure which kind is best for you, let our practitioners help you determine which type of massage would be the most beneficial based on your individualized needs and preferences.


Massage Style Options


Light to firm pressure is applied to points found on the meridians to help regulate the flow of qi (energy) throughout the body. Acupressure is useful for many common ailments, ranging from asthma, to stress, to weight control and more. Any problem you are experiencing, there is an acupoint that will help!

Chi Ne Tsang

This form of massage is also known as “belly work” or “abdominal massage”, but don’t let that scare you! Slow and gentle pressure is applied to the abdominal area, improving digestion, releasing old emotions stored in the organs, and improving the health and vitality of the internal organs. Your belly, body, and mind will thank you.

Myofascial Release

This method is a very slow, gentle, and relaxing treatment that helps alleviate tension and blockages in the connective tissue, or fascia in the body. Gentle pressure helps all tissues from the skin down to the muscle to stretch and open up. If you are looking to increase your flexibility or range of motion, while giving your mind a break, this treatment is for you!


It is easy to take our hands and feet for granted but we use them constantly every day. Reflexology massage targets the feet and hands, massaging them and relieving tension in those specific muscles. Reflexology also sends signals through the nervous system to the entire body, allowing it to work more efficiently as a whole. Your feet will dance, and your hands will clap with joy!

Swedish Massage

This relaxing full body oil massage will melt away any tension and stress your body is holding on to. It uses light to medium pressure with long fluid strokes to leave you feeling calm and centered.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a stimulating treatment that uses therapeutic pain to address knots in the muscles. This treatment is best for anyone who uses their body often, or who uses repeated movements of certain muscle groups. Deep pressure with thumbs or elbows are used to break up the toxins stored in knots, and lymphatic work is added to move those toxins and pain out of the area so that the tissues can relax, lengthen, and repair. Fresh, oxygenated blood is delivered to your muscles, allowing you to stretch and move your body more efficiently and without pain.

What to Expect

Whether you are new to the use of massage as a therapeutic practice, or have been benefiting from it for years, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when coming to receive a treatment from one of our Gaucho Pulse Massage Therapists. To prepare you for your massage session, we have created a step-by-step outline of what you can expect.


Once you arrive at the Massage Therapy Clinic at the Recreation Center for your appointment (we suggest showing up 15 minutes early so that you can have as much time as possible with your therapist), you will discuss your registration packet questionnaire with your Therapist. This provides them with information regarding your medical history, as well as insight into what you are hoping to get out of your treatment session.

Once your Massage Therapist is familiar with your wishes and expectations, they will guide you in choosing the best massage type for your individual needs. They will take you into the private Massage Therapy Clinic, which will be pre-prepared with fresh linens and warming elements to make sure you are comfortable during your massage. At this point, the massage therapist will leave the room while you undress to your comfort level, before settling under the sheets on the massage table. The top sheet will remain on you during the entirety of your massage, with additional blankets are available upon request.

Helpful tips to help you prepare for your massage session:

  • Prior to your massage, please remove glasses and all jewelry.
  • Pull long hair back with a clip or band.
  • Feel free to ask your Therapist any questions before, during, or after the session. Your therapist is a highly trained professional and will be happy to make you feel more informed and comfortable.
  • Please bring a photo ID to each session, as well as your completed registration packet and a copy of your payment receipt.

If at any point during your massage a stroke, technique or the amount of pressure being applied is uncomfortable, alert your Massage Therapist. Everyone is different, and the Massage Therapists know this. They want to deliver the best, most relaxing and healing massage possible, which means making sure you are as comfortable as possible. If there is a specific area of your body that you would like the Massage Therapist to spend more time on, alert them of this as well!

We recommend that you hydrate throughout the remainder of your day after your massage to flush out the components released from your muscles during your treatment. The healing power of massage therapy is so powerful, that you will begin to benefit from it after just one session. However, the road to health is life long, and requires constant attention. For this reason, we recommend you schedule appointments with us on a regular basis to keep you feeling your best.

Registration & Pricing

  1. Fill out the Massage Registration Package
  2. Email (findyourfit@recreation.ucsb.edu) to set up an appointment.
  3. Pay at the Rec Cen Customer Service Center.


1 session
1 session
3 session

3 session

Deep Tissue 60min 
1 session
Deep Tissue 90min 
1 session
 Student  $75.00  $110.00  $220.00  $335.00  $100.00  $150.00
 Faculty/Staff  $85.00  $125.00  $250.00  $370.00  $100.00  $150.00
 $95.00  $140.00  $280.00  $415.00  $110.00  $160.00
*A massage hour consists of 50 minutes of hands on time and 5 minutes before and after to change clothes.