Welcome to the UCSB Surf Team page! 

We are an official UCSB Club Sport for experienced surfers. The team surfs competitively in the NSSA Southwest college conference.  Competitions are held in Fall, Winter, and Spring months. Our competitions include four regular season events, states, and nationals, which are hosted at various locations through out southern California. 

Our team consist of three sub-teams: Men’s Shortboard, Women’s Shortboard, Co-ed Longboard. Each year in early Fall quarter we hold try-outs for the Surf Team.  Depending on skill demonstrated at try-outs we will pick up the most qualified candidates.  This year we are recruiting for all three sub-teams, mens, women, and longboard.  We are looking for experienced and confident surfers. So come on out and make some new friends!!

For more information and to sign up for try-outs, please come and visit our table during the Fun & Fitness Festival!  The festival is located at the UCSB Recreation Center and it is from 1-4pm, Wednesday September 27th 2017. Students and prospective competitors can sign up for this years’  try-out, ask us questions, and meet the Captains, and talk to fellow team members!

Join the Team! We are excited to meet you! 

Surf try-outs for the 17’-18’ year will be held October 7th 2017, 8am, at Camino Pescadero Park (“Pescies”).  Bring your own wetsuit and surfboard! Try-outs will be mock heat style and are equivalent to a standard competition: 15 minutes heats, surfing against 6 other surfers, with a panel of judges that are made up of prior Surf Team competitors.  Results to our try-out roster will be announced by mid-day of that same day, October 7th.  In conclusion - we also be hosting our first Team Meeting that Saturday night to welcome new teammates and outline surf season details. 

If you enjoy competing and are looking for a fun group of like-minded surfers and have any questions, please contact our Captains: Sam Deeley, Jessica Nun, Alexandra Barker, or Kaira Wallace, via email - ucsb.surf.team.17.18@gmail.com

 We look forward to meeting you at tryouts!

*** For those of you who love the ocean but are new to surfing or want more experience before joining a competitive team, the Surf Club and/or the Excursion Club are great alternatives that offer a more relaxed atmosphere for beginner to novice surfers.  Many of our competitors also are members of these clubs as well! ***