National Championships: 1989, 1990, 1991, 2012 (W2V8), 2014 (N8), 2015-2016 (2V8), 2016 (V8), 2016 (2N8), 2017 (V8), 2017 (2V8), 2017 (N8), 2018 (V8), 2018 (2V8), 2019 (V8), Women's Team Points 2015-2018, Combined Team Points 2014-2017

UCSB Rowing is one of the fastest club rowing programs in the country. Rowers from UCSB have medaled at national championship regattas and some have even gone on to the Olympics. No previous rowing experience is necessary. In fact, our most successful athletes have excelled in other sports like swimming, soccer, and cross country in high school. The rowing team is made up two squads for men and women: Novice and Varsity. Novice athletes are first-year rowers while varsity athletes have competed at least one year in college. e fall quarter.  We continue the desire to expand our roster with new members who wish to train hard and become part of a dedicated and competitive crew who is ready to race in the spring.  The team recruits both rowers and coxswains.  Coxswains are smaller athletes (typically 110-125 lbs or less) who steer the boat as well as direct and motivate the rowers.

Join the Team

Please pick ONE of the these interest meetings to attend to begin rowing at UCSB.  All meeting times are 7:30-8:00 PM.

  • Sunday, September 26th @ LSB 1001
  • Monday, September 27th @ IV Theater 2
  • Tuesday, September 28th @ Rob Gym 2111
  • Monday, October 4th @ Rec Cen Room 1501


UCSB Rowing is a club sport, distinguished by professional leadership and coaching, which offers students the opportunity to explore and expand their capabilities by participating in a competitive sport as representatives of their University. Participation in competitive college sports builds character by developing values of teamwork, commitment, self-sacrifice, discipline, and achievement and reinforces the university's core values of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship while providing students with a healthy balance to their academic pursuits.


Alyssa Dewey
Varsity Coach

Michael Roysner
Novice Coach