The UCSB Intramural Sports program offers a wide variety of activities for all skill levels. Compete against fellow students for an Intramural Championship while meeting new people and staying fit.

In-person Sports

Intramural sports are a great way to stay active and play with friends in a fun environment. Skill levels range from novice to intermediate to advanced and everyone, regardless of experience, is welcome. From recreational to competitive sports, there is a place for everyone. We offer a wide variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, ultimate, and volleyball. Bring your friends and join an IM team!


Man holding a basketball in hand, ready to shoot into the hoop.

Prices & Roster Limits





Price per team

Roster Limits


IM Sports Icon_Basketball
  5v5 Basketball $50/$90
Max: 14
Min: 4


IM Sports Icon_Volleyball
  6v6 Volleyball $35/$60 Max: 12
Min: 4


IM Sports Icon_Flag Football
  Flag Football $50/$90 Max: 14
Min: 4


IM Sports Icon_Futsol
  Futsal $50/$90 Max: 14
Min: 4


IM Sports Icon_Indoor Soccer
  Indoor Soccer
Max: 16
Min: 8


IM Sports Icon_Water Polo
  Innertube Water Polo $50/$90 Max: 4
Min: 12


IM Sports Icon_Outdoor Soccer
  Outdoor Soccer $50/$90 Max: 20
Min: 8


IM Sports Icon_Softball
  Softball $50/$90 Max: 16
Min: 7



  Teqball $15/$35

Max: 4
Min: 2






IM Sports Icon_Ultimate
  Ultimate $35/$60 Max: 14
Min: 5


IM Sports Icon_Wiffle Ball
  Wiffle Ball $35/$60 Max: 8
Min: 2

League Types







Leagues that require a minimum number of males or females at all times.




Leagues that do not have any restrictions on gender participation.




Leagues for female identifying participants only.


Note: Intramural participation will be based on one’s self-identified gender. A participant’s gender identity will be applied when there are gender-specific rules or player ratio requirements for co-ed divisions. Transgender individuals may play on the team that best matches their gender identity. Nonbinary individuals can play on any team.

Levels of Play






Advanced (A)

The highest level of competition in IM Sports. Teams are composed of individuals who are highly skilled and competitive athletes. Advanced athletes are not allowed to participate in novice leagues for the same sport. 



Intermediate (B)

The most popular level of competition in IM sports. Teams are composed of individuals that have some experience in the sport.



Novice (C)

This is the most recreational league in IM sports. Participation is more important than player ability. Novice leagues are great for individuals who would like to try a new sport.


Participation Policies

There are a variety of participation policies and general rules that athletes should be aware of and adhere to. These policies creates a fun, collaborative, and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the sport while staying safe.


The role of the Captain is integral to the success of an Intramural Sports team. The Captain is the link between Intramural Sports staff and members of their team. The Captain is responsible for:

  • Properly registering their team
  • Notifying participants of the rules, policies, and game times
  • Ensuring all participants are eligible for participation
  • Proactively communicating schedule conflicts with Intramural Sports staff 
  • Setting a good example for participants on and off the field

Captain and Participant quizzes will be administered on IMLeagues prior to creating or joining a team. The purpose of the quiz is to provide participants with a basic knowledge of IM Sports policies and rules. The quiz is NOT a substitute for the IM Handbook or each sport’s rules.

Tobacco, alcohol, and drug use is not permitted during any Intramural Sports activity or event. Any participant or spectator found using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Additionally, any participant or spectator suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Any player asked to leave will be officially ejected and additional sanctions may be issued. Any incident may be referred to the Dean of Students or UCPD.

Any player using an assumed name or identification card that is not theirs shall be ruled as an illegal player and the team will forfeit any contests that they participated in. The identification card will be confiscated and only returned pending a meeting with the person that the card belongs to. A person that knowingly allows another person to use their identification card or any individual that uses an identification card that is not theirs may be suspended from the Intramural Sports program.

Any player, coach, or spectator that is ejected from an IM Sports event for any unsportsmanlike behavior will be suspended immediately and indefinitely from all IM Sports activities. For all ejections, suspensions are immediate and a minimum of one week.

IM Sports staff will notify the ejected participant of the length of their suspension via email within 5 business days of the ejection. The ejected participant may appeal the suspension by submitting a written appeal to the IM Sports Conduct Review Committee (ISCRC). All details related to filing an appeal will be included in the email from IM Sports.

Any player, coach, or spectator who, in the judgment of IM Sports staff, engages in an attempt to fight immediately before, during, or after an IM Sports event will be suspended immediately and indefinitely from participating in any IM Sports activities. The minimum suspension for fighting is 365 days. Additionally, there will be no toleration for fighting with IM Sports staff or volunteers. Any violation will result in a minimum of a five year suspension from all IM Sports activities. 
Behavior classified as fighting includes but is not limited to:

  • Striking or attempting to strike an individual
  • Engaging an individual in a combative manner
  • Throwing a punch at an individual
  • Spitting at an individual
  • Kicking or attempting to kick an individual
  • Brandishing a foreign object or weapon with intent to harm, injure, or intimidate an individual
  • Retaliating against an aggressive act

The Spirit of Competition Program was developed to ensure that all IM Sports participants have the opportunity for recreation in the safest, most enjoyable atmosphere possible. Spirit of Competition (Sportsmanship) scores will be issued after each contest and will be used as tie-breakers in standings.
A Spirit of Competition rating below 3.5 (averaged for the entire season) will disqualify teams from participating in playoffs. Spirit of Competition rating guidelines vary from sport to sport and can be found on the Department of Recreation website.

  • The baseline Spirit of Competition rating for all games is 4.0
  • A team that wins a game due to a forfeit or default will receive a rating of 4.0
  • A team that loses due to default will receive a rating of 3.0
  • A team that loses due to forfeit will receive a rating of 2.0

If the minimum number of eligible players does not show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time then the game will be recorded as a forfeit. A team must start with the minimum number of players that are stated in the rules for the sport or a forfeit is declared. Two forfeits by a single team will disqualify them from the playoffs. After the first forfeit, the minimum sportsmanship score average needed to qualify for playoffs is increased to 3.6. If a team shows up with 50% of the minimum number of players needed to compete then the contest shall be recorded as a default rather than a forfeit.

As a courtesy to other participants and teams, individuals are encouraged to arrive early enough to check in with IM Sports staff. If a team cannot absolutely make a scheduled contest then the Captain should communicate this to the IM Sports office at least 24 hours before their scheduled game to request a default instead of a forfeit. Defaults do not count as one of the team’s two forfeits

IM Sports employs amateur student officials. Mistakes and judgment errors may occur. Protests based on a misapplication of a rule or error in judgment will not be accepted.

The Intramural Coordinator makes the final decision on all protests.

Any team name that promotes intolerance, degrades a racial/ethnic/gender/religious group, infers an explicit sexual reference, or promotes destructive behavior such as that associated with alcohol and drugs is considered disrespectful to the University community. Team names deemed inappropriate by IM Sports staff will be changed and further sanctions may be issued.

Outdoor activities may be postponed due to inclement weather. If this happens, participants will be notified using IMLeagues and/or email about cancelled or postponed games. If games are postponed due to weather, we will make every effort to reschedule to a later date. However, this may not always be possible.

Individuals and teams who win a season in an intermediate or advanced league will be awarded an Intramural Champion shirt. Our novice leagues are intended for beginners who would like to participate in a strictly recreational league. There are no Intramural Champions for our novice leagues.

All registration fees are nonrefundable. The only exception to this policy is if an event is canceled, in which case a full refund shall be issued, or if the team would like to drop out of the league before scheduling happens. Any team removed from the schedule for any reason shall not receive a refund. In order to obtain a refund, a team manager/captain must email a request to Processing your reimbursement may take between 2 to 4 weeks.

IM Sports does not provide health insurance for participants. We strongly recommend personal health insurance for all IM Sports participants. Each individual participating in IM Sports takes responsibility for their own health insurance needs. In the event of an injury, IM Sports and UCSB will not cover payment for treatment. Students are eligible to apply to SMERF funding to apply towards treatment costs.

Teams in our Intermediate and Advanced leagues have a common playoff following the regular season. There are no playoffs for our novice leagues. 

Playoff games may be played on days and times that are different from your original league date. We try our best to accommodate schedule conflicts, but this is not always possible. 

Participants must play in one regular season game to be eligible for playoffs. Playoff teams that field an ineligible player will be disqualified from playoffs.



The Student Medical Emergency Relief Fund (SMERF) was designed to assist UCSB students experiencing medical emergencies. The creators of this fund endeavored to ensure that students could receive support as they work to attain their educational goals. For additional information, email the fund manager at or read more here


Gabe Escobedo
Assistant Director, Sport Programs