This private instructional class is designed for the more advanced climber who is looking to take that next step and learn the fundamentals of lead climbing and protection placement. In this class, you will have the opportunity to set anchor systems, practice hardware placement and removal, learn advanced rope management, and practice advanced climbing techniques.

An evening session will be scheduled at the UCSB Adventure Climbing Center, followed by a full day session at a site specifically chosen by the instructor of this specialized class.

The fee includes instruction, climbing equipment, and climbing shoes. All transportation will need to be by carpool, since it is not provided. The maximum group size for this class is six participants. It is also required to have a solid working knowledge of the skills in rock climbing. Therefore, Rock II is a prerequisite for this class.

Private group instruction is by reservation only.

For more information, please call the ACC at (805) 893-3737 or email us at

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